Wood Veneered SPC
Wood Veneered SPC vinyl Floor inheriting the classic beauty of real wood and preserving the natural wood flooring texture,Hardwood married with the performance of SPC rigid core which delivers Extreme Stability, Water-proof,and fire-proof. 
wood veneered

What is Veneered SPC?

Veneered SPC vinyl Flooring is an innovation product from floor covering industry.  SPC flooring Wood veneer-inheriting the classic beauty of real wood and preserving the natural wood flooring texture, makes your home fresh and more natural.Hardwood married with the performance of rigid core technology which delivers Extreme Stability, Water-proof,and fire-proof. Combining the look and feel of natural timber with all the best technical attributes . It is an exceptionally stable floor that is capable of handling rapid temperature changes with minimal expansion and contraction. wood SPC rigid core hybrid displays astonishing durability and impact resistance and is able to withstand an army of foot traffic.


Plank Size

127×900mm (5''×36‘’)
127×1215mm (5''×48‘’)
165×1215mm (7''×48‘’)

Product's Parameter

   Thickness    7.0/7.5/8.0 mm
   Wood Species    Oak/Ash/Walnut/Maple
   Surface Treatment    Smooth/ Brushed
   Installation Method    T&G /Click System

Technical Specification

Item Standard Result
Density   2.0-2.1g/cm3
Overall Thick EN ISO 24236 ±0.15mm
Top Veneer Thickness   0.6mm/1.0mm/1.2mm
UV Coating   6 Bottom Coating+3 Top Coating
Peeling Strength of Layer EN431 Pass
Shearing Force of Layer EN433 Good
Dimensiontal Stability after exposure to heat EN ISO 24342 <0.1%
Curling after exposure to heat  EN 434 ≤0.5mm
Wearing Resistance EN 660 Pass
Locking Strength EN ISO 24343-1 <0.2mm
Residual Indentation EN 438 Level 4
Castor Chair EN 425 No Disturbance,No Delamination
Slip Resistance   R 10
Fire Resistance   NFPA Calss B
Stain & Chemical Resistance EN ISO 26987 Class 0
Color Fastness ISO 105-B02 ≥Grade 6
Formaldehyde Emission EN 717-3 E0

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You May Also Concern About Below Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How to clean and maintain Wood Veneered SPC Flooring ?

    The daily cleaning and maintenance of Veneered SPC flooring is similar to wood engineer floor, You can clean the floor with vacuum cleaner or with wet mop, and it can also be polished and waxed for daily maintenance.
  • Will Veneered SPC flooring swelled by water soaking ?

    You don't need to worry about water soaking to wood veneered SPC flooring,The SPC core board brings a very low water swelling, and the top wood veneer is multi-coated by water proof UV layers,There is no worry of damage or staining from water and moisture and counteracts the accidents that happen in our busy lives.
  • What kind of wood species is available for Veneered SPC Flooring

    There are various kind wood species is available for Veneered SPC flooring, such as: Oak, Ash Wood, Black Walnut, Royal Teak,and so on......
  • Is Veneered SPC flooring acoustic resistant

    Wood veneered SPC flooring structured by real wood timber and SPC rigid core board,bottom can be additionally attached with formed EVA/IXPE underlayment, It brings you confortable foot sense and acoustic absorption .
  • Can the color of Wood Veneered SPC flooring be customized

    Yes, The color of the top veneer can be customized for hundreds of colors, Because the top layer is real wood timber, it can be stained in any colors and treated with many styles of surface texture you like. It brings you the classic beauty of real wood and preserving the natural wood flooring texture.
  • What is the top material from Wood Veneered SPC flooring ?

    It's real wood veneer from the top of the Veneered SPC flooring,It is an innovation product from floor covering industry which structured with multiple of UV coating, Hardwood veneer and SPC rigid core board, formed by cold pressing. Wood Veneered SPC flooring inheriting the classic beauty of real wood and preserving the natural wood flooring texture.

Which Floor is Best For Your Project?

Before installing a wood floor, it is important to know about the available types. Learning about the pros, cons, cost, and design options available for: SPC Flooring , LVT Flooring , LooseLay Flooring , Diamond SPC , Vennered SPC will help ensure the right floor is selected for the project.
Veneered SPC Flooring
Veneered SPC Flooring is made by compressing layers of fiberboard together and placing a photographic image of wood grain, stone, or tile pattern over the fiberboard. After the image is added to the surface, a protective coating is added to help prevent damage and add a finish to the flooring.

Veneered SPC is a cost effective option that will withstand a certain amount of wear. For an easy installation, opt for click-lock. The planks will snap together and can be laid over other flooring. It is ideal for living areas, and some brands may even construct it with a waterproof core, allowing it to be used in areas where water.
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