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  • Q How can I get sample?

    A Sensse Floor provides free samples for your evaluation,You can choose from our product's category for ready samples,or you may also send us your samples , We can customize sample according to your requirement.
  • Q What types of vinyl flooring does Sensse provide?

    A We offer a wide variety of vinyl flooring options, which include LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), SPC (Stone Plastic Composites), WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) and so on. Contact us, our flooring experts will show you all the options and help you pick the best vinyl flooring for your needs and budget.
  • Q What is SPC Flooring?

    A SPC floor stands for stone-plastic composite. It is known for its 100% waterproof and unparalleled durability, using advanced technology to beautifully imitate natural wood and stone at a low price.
  • Q Is PVC vinyl flooring Pet-friendly?

    A For Pet owners who are worried about spills or scratching new floors with their nails, Vinyl Floor Tiles is a good choice. The vinyl material is 100% waterproof and no toxic content, It has a scratch-resistant top layer. For bigger poppy and higher traffic, it is best to choose a vinyl floor with a thicker wear layer.
  • Q Do I need an underlayment?

    A Some products have an underlayment attached, It is also called acoustic underlay pad. so you will not need to purchase additional underlayment with those products. If there is no attached underlayment, usually one is purchased. EVA or IXPE Underlayment has sound dampening properties, protects your subfloor and flooring, and makes your flooring softer underfoot .
  • Q How do I keep my luxury vinyl floor looking great for years?

    A Luxury vinyl floors are very durable and can last for several years by following a few simple tricks. Here are some tips on how to maintain the floor and keep them looking new:
    - Use door mats at all entrances to reduce dust, rocks, and debris get into your house.
    -Don't drag any furniture on the floor. Pick them up when you move them.
    -Use protector film under your office chair.
    -Please follow all manufacturer instructions.
  • Q Does the vinyl floor look cheap?

    Vinyl flooring will never look “cheap”, it will make your life easier and enhance the look and comfort of your place. Learn more about our products on the website to view the wood-look color options available, and to know more about what makes vinyl flooring so popular, such as its incredible durability, water-resistance, easy-care, and so on.
  • Q Does Sensse Floor provide installation services?

    Sensse Floor is manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of PVC Vinyl flooring, We are not able to provide installation services. We provide installation guides to help you DIY your floor, Also we can introduce local installation team from our local distributors.
  • Q Should I buy flooring with a pre-attached pad?

    Acoustic underlayment  has sound dampening properties,made by EVA or IXPE material,which protects your subfloor and flooring, makes your l flooring softer underfoot, and reduce the sound when you walking on the floor. The experts at Sensse Floor can help you pick the right underlayment for your flooring.
  • Q Is vinyl flooring a good choice?

    A Vinyl is highly resistant to water and humidity, so it's a perfect choice for any area where constant contact with water or high humidity. Overall, it's a durable and stable choice for lots of places.
  • Q How do I clean my vinyl floors?

    A To clean vinyl floors, you can vacuum to remove dust or debris. You can also use a wet mop to keep the vinyl floor clean.General floor detergent is ok for vinyl floor cleaning, but corrosice solvent is not allowed to apply to daily vinyl floor clean. Make sure to clean up all spills as soon as possible to prevent damage to the floor.
  • Q Is vinyl flooring easy to install?

    A Yes, LVT/SPC vinyl flooring with locking system is easy for installation,we have Uniclic, Välinge patented click system which is very convevient for your to DIY your floor installation, It can lay on the existing ground floor or ceramic tiles.
  • Q What to pay attention to when paving the floor?

    A Please make sure the surface you're laying on is level and smooth, does not have damp issues.
  • Q Is SPC flooring Environmentally Friendly ?

    A SPC flooring is the only floor surface material that can be recycled and reused. ... SPC floor is based on high-tech developed a new type of environmentally friendly floor, with zero formaldehyde, zero mildew, moisture fire, pest control, easy installation and so on
  • Q What kind of adhesive is apply to vinyl floor installation ?

    A The water based Arcrylic resin adhesive is recommended for LVT dry back flooring and commercial vinyl flooring,This glue is a water-based eco-friendly with a unique formula, no formaldehyde, no harmful substances, The suggested dosage is 7-9 sqms floor area / per KG glue.
  • Q Can I print my brand LOGO on the underlayment ?

    A Yes, we can print your brand LOGO on the underlayment, but you will be request 3000 sqms for minimum order quanlity. and you need to pay the Logo mold cost in advance, it will be drawback once the order quantity matchs 20,000 sqms.
  • Q Can I buy Skirting together with PVC vinyl flooring ?

    A Yes, We can provide skirting and other accessories together with PVC vinyl flooring.
  • Q Can I customize skirting color according to flooring ?

    A Yes, the color of the skirting can be same color according to the design of your flooring.
  • Q Is Skirting necessary for PVC Vinyl Flooring ?

    A Yes,Skirting is very necessary to your home, Firstly it can provent the damage to the wall,when you clean your room,the head of the vacuum or mop will often damage the wall,Secondly it can hide the gap from the wall to the floor, Thirdly the wood liked skiring is an additional decorative part of the flooring, The skirting can definitely add characters to your room. 
  • Q How to clean and maintain Wood Veneered SPC Flooring ?

    A The daily cleaning and maintenance of Veneered SPC flooring is similar to wood engineer floor, You can clean the floor with vacuum cleaner or with wet mop, and it can also be polished and waxed for daily maintenance.

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