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How Flooring is Made

The Sensse floor manufacturing facility is equipped with top-of-the-line machinery managed by highly-skilled technicians. This enables us to produce quality PVC Vinyl flooring with great efficiency and at lower costs.Through our modern manufacturing services, we reduce your costs, speed up your Flooring products to the market, and help you gain a competitive edge.

Sensse Floor Factory 

in ChangZhou, China

Sensse Manufacture facility is located in Changzhou, a growing region of floor industry in China, and manufactures more than 10,000 sqm.s flooring products per day. Based on the modern factory​ and experienced know-how team, our PVC flooring production is intended for the premium end of the flooring products.The manufacturing of PVC flooring comprises a number of stages. They include The manner in which these steps are performed may be adjusted depending on the floor covering product.

Full Capacity in Our PVC vinyl flooring Manufacturing Plant

Production workshop and warehouse
Precission production line
Trained workers

HOMAG Precision PVC Floor Notching Machine

HOMAG precision floor notching machine is becoming the high standard equipment of today's floor industry. It has more performance for series resilient flooring production, higher speed,less maintemance,very precision machining​ and assembly process,it ensures Sensse PVC Vinyl flooring reliability and stability.

Plants and Facilities

How to make PVC vinyl Flooring step by step

1. Raw Material mixing and structured

The first step is to mix all the raw materials with high speed mix machine, The SPC/LVT raw material combined with CaCo3 Calcium Carbonate limestone powder.PVC resins and other additives,Structured by rolling machine for LVT core layers ,or high pressure extruding machine for SPC rigid core board.

2. Different layers Lamination

The structure of PVC vinyl floor plank is heterogeneous lamination with different layers by different machines and special process, Including over-layer,décor films,Core-board, and bottom layers.Multi-layer high temperature press machine is for LVT flooring,and extruding machine with thermal compounding process is for SPC vinyl flooring.

3. Acclimation and Tempering

In order to eliminate internal stress from the floor board while it is hot structured,Tempering process is very important for PVC vinyl flooring's dimensional stability and flatness of the floor board.And then put the semi-board in storage room for 48 hours to let it acclimated by nature condition of temperature and moisture to let the floor board more stable for next process.

4. UV Coating

UV Coating is a special coating layer for PVC vinyl flooring,It not only improves surface properties such as stain and scratch resistance, but also offer long life floor surface protection against sunshine. LVT/SPC Vinyl Flooring with UV coating that offers higher performance such as better color fastness, anti-slip and easier cleaning.

5. Cutting and Notching

The last process is to cut floor panels into required dimensions and notching the edge of the PVC floor board with locking system for floating installation method.HOMAD high precission notchng machine is the key equipment to produce high end SPC/LVT vinyl floorings, There are many options of click system are available.Unilin, Valinge, and I4F.

6. Additional Treatment

Foamed acoustic underlayer can be attached at the back of the PVC floor panel in order to reduce the walking noise, High density IXPE and EVA underlayment brings you wonderful foot sense.The painted micro-bevel can be customized which makes the PVC flooring similar to solid wood flooring.

7. Packing

Every SPC/LVT flooring planks will be quality checked and cleaned again before packing,High resolution printed cardboard cartons will be applied to Sensse Floor, Well packed carton box is loaded on strong plywood pallet,and each side of the pallet is protected by paper protection corners to make sure there is no any damag from the transportation.
Professional PVC Vinyl Manufacturers in China
At Sensse, we have over 15 years of professional experience in manufacturing PVC vinyl flooring. We ensure that every process is done to the highest possible standards for our client's satisfaction.

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