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Waterproof wooden floor, a false proposition?

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Waterproof Floor splash everywhere

The fooring market is going down due to the bad global economy situation. Coronavirus pandemic, partical war, and many uncontrollable factors disrupted global suppy chains,The flooring business is absolutely affected by the investment, construction and real estate market shrinking.

How to survive in such a bad competitive environment,most of flooring suppliers jumped on the waterproof field to reap the benefits of the industry’s fastest growing category— “waterproof flooring,”From vinyl floor to laminate and even hardwood—waterproof is a leading concept splashed to every flooring categories


How Waterproof?

From material,structure,surface treating,and locking, there are many ways to make floors water proof or water resistant. Let's sort out the mainstream floor waterproofing technologies

Coreboard materials:

From fiber synthetic materials to polymer materials,coreboard material is undoubtedly the key factor in determining the waterproof performance of the floor,currently the rigid polymer vinyl composite,waterproof fiber board and inorganic composite are the mainstream.

Coating technologies:

Wax sealing is a very mature waterproof technology, which is often used in the floor lock system to prevent moisture goes into the wooden floor inside.Unilin’s Unicoat, a water-repellent edge-coating technology is the pioneer in this field.

Locking and Installation system:

Floor patent companies are keep innovating on click system to make maximun waterproofing effect from improving sophisticated locking system.5G-DRY ffrom Vallinge and i-Click4U from i4F are the presentative waterproof locking technologies


What's Aqua Shield Wooden Floor ?

Senssefloor is always looking into market needs and listening to customers, now we are lauching "Aqua Shield Wooden Floor", It's a new structure product combined with real wood and rigid polymer coreboard  which is total water proof, pre-attached IXPE acoustic pad,surface coated high wear resistant layer. There is no headache of floor waterproofing while enjoying the natural texture of the wood floor

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