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  • Is LVT Flooring in the Bathroom a Good Idea?

    In the past, ceramic and porcelain tiles were definitely the best choices for bathroom floors. With today’s technology development with the LVT and SPC vinyl flooring, the ceramic may just become a thing of the past. Unlike the laminate and vinyl panels of the past decade, today's LVT is a high-qual

  • What is herringbone and why is it so popular?

    In recent years, herringbone has become extremely popular, these geometric patterns create visual interest in the space and provide a luxurious European feel. Herringbone flooring is arranging hardwood flooring planks to form a V-like shape. After proper installation, herringbone flooring looks like

  • What is the role of the skirting? How does it match the floor better?

    The skirting seems insignificant in the decoration, but it is an indispensable existence. The skirting can make the space more layered, and can also protect the foot of the wall. It can be said that it is a combination of beauty and functionality. So, what is the function of the skirting? How to ma

  • Want your new home to be more luxurious? Herringbone would be a good choice.

    When we choose the floor, we usually look at the color and material. Few people will notice the way the floor is laid. In fact, the paving method of floors is very important! Let's take a look at the following 3 popular floor covering methods. 1) Fish boneFishbone is a floor splicing method from Fra

  • What are the Pros and Cons of Loose lay Flooring?

    Below are the pros and cons of loose lay flooring to help you decide if this is what you are looking for. Pros:This type of floor is very easy to use, and it is becoming an appealing reason that lots of people choosing. Simple installation:As mentioned above, loosely laid floors are very easy to ins

  • What is Loose lay?

    Vinyl flooring has become a popular flooring solution on the market. Compared with other types of floor coverings, this type of floor has many advantages, such as scratch resistance, waterproof, durability, easy maintenance, and easy installation. There are many options for vinyl flooring, such as l

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of LVT flooring

    Advantages Environmentally Friendly The main raw material of PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It has been widely used in people's daily life, such as tableware, medical infusion tube bags, etc. Super wear-resistan

  • What is LVT Flooring?

    There are so many choices in styles, textures, and materials to consider when you are choosing the floor, one great option is the luxury vinyl tile which is known as LVT. LVT has the unique ability to combine the look of most flooring materials with durable, long-lasting vinyl tile, this vinyl with

  • What are the advantages of SPC flooring for engineering project?

    We can see SPC flooring in many venues like schools, hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls. More and more projects will choose SPC flooring. What are the advantages of SPC flooring when doing large-scale projects? Good paving effect SPC flooring has a large single roll area and few seams, which can

  • SPC Flooring Definition & What are the benefits of SPC flooring?

    SPC Vinyl Flooring ConstructionAn SPC flooring has several main layers. It's constructed with a UV topcoat, wear layer, decor film, rigid core, and bottom layer. UV Topcoat – This layer determines the floor's anti-scratch, abrasion-resistant, flame-retardant, and waterproof capabilities. The UV laye

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