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What is Loose lay?

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Vinyl flooring has become a popular flooring solution on the market. Compared with other types of floor coverings, this type of floor has many advantages, such as scratch resistance, waterproof, durability, easy maintenance, and easy installation. There are many options for vinyl flooring, such as luxury vinyl flooring, loose lay vinyl flooring, and so on. This kind of floor is suitable for both residential and commercial areas. Loose lay vinyl floors have become popular because it’s easy installation.


There are two types of LVT flooring, one is standard dry back, it needs adhesive to install. Another one is loose lay, there is no adhesive, no locking system, only need to be laid, the bottom can be adjusted according to the ground conditions, very soft and comfortable, not easy to deform even at different temperatures, has good stability.


Loose lay vinyl planks are a unique product that doesn’t rely on any fasteners, adhesive or even tongue and groove mechanisms to install. These thick vinyl rectangles are simply placed on the floor and left there. Loose lay vinyl flooring will go down quickly, and it will rely on friction to stay in place over time. The loose lay planks are basically thick luxury vinyl floors with a rubber backing, spread flat on a smooth surface. Loose lay vinyl floors can be installed on top of existing floors very quickly and can be easily completed by almost anyone. This is why so many people are interested in this type of flooring, which is the main reason why loose lay vinyl flooring is very popular. It is easy to understand that there are not many other products on the market like this kind of floor.

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