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What is herringbone and why is it so popular?

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In recent years, herringbone has become extremely popular, these geometric patterns create visual interest in the space and provide a luxurious European feel. Herringbone flooring is arranging hardwood flooring planks to form a V-like shape. After proper installation, herringbone flooring looks like the skeletal bone arrangement of the herring fish. This geometric pattern of flooring creates an astounding visual appeal.


Whether or not herringbone flooring is popular?

The answer is yes. Let's know why herringbone flooring became a trend.


Currently, herringbone flooring is very popular because the results of herringbone flooring installation are quite spectacular. And current technological progress and material quality is also one of the reasons. Herringbone can achieve different patterns because there are various sizes, colors and shades to choose from. Thanks to the variety in wood shades and patterns, there are lots of styles to explore, and that’s why herringbone floors are popular.


How herringbone makes spaces look bigger

Herringbone flooring always makes a room look bigger than it is, it is related to the illusion. The apparent increase in size is due to the illusion of movement provided by the herringbone arrangement. Therefore, if you want to increase the visual effect of the room, herringbone floor is the perfect choice. In addition, floor shades are also very important. If your space is naturally darker, choosing a lighter hardwood shade will make the space look airy and bright.


Herringbone Installation

For DIY, herringbone is very difficult to achieve, it's better to find a professional flooring installation group. A pre-installation inspection should be carried out before putting the herringbone on the floor. Professionals know what to look for before the installation begins. For example, not all subfloors are suitable for new floors. However, if you decide to continue using it, be sure to check that the subfloor is dry, flat, and well structured.



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