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What is the role of the skirting? How does it match the floor better?

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The skirting seems insignificant in the decoration, but it is an indispensable existence. The skirting can make the space more layered, and can also protect the foot of the wall. It can be said that it is a combination of beauty and functionality. 


So, what is the function of the skirting? How to match the color of the skirting and the floor better?


1) Prevent floor deformation  


This is the most important function of the skirting. Without the skirting, the home floor cannot be laid. The wooden floor has a large expansion and contraction. If the floor is laid tightly against the wall, it cannot be stretched when exposed to heat or moisture. The floor will squeeze each other and it will warp, deform or even be damaged. Therefore, the biggest role of the skirting lies in this.  


2) Block the line   


Buried part of the line in the skirting. For decoration reasons, part of the line can also be hidden in the skirting to play a good role in modification. You can slot in the wall, or you can choose skirting with wire holes.


3) Easy to clean  


The use of skirting can effectively protect the wall from being soiled when cleaning, making it very convenient to scrub. Especially in the case of wallpaper, skirting is more useful.   


4) Visual transition  


When the wall and the ground are close in color, they are separated by skirting. The high-value skirting makes the transition and connection of the upper and lower spaces more perfect, and the overall decoration is harmonious, natural and integrated.


How to match the color of the skirting with the floor better?


1. The same color as the door frame   

Under normal circumstances, the editor of Sensse Floor recommends that you first decide the color of the skirting according to the color of the door frame. For example, a black door frame with a black skirting line looks very coordinated.


2. According to the decoration style


In addition to determining the color of the skirting according to the door frame and wooden floor, the skirting color can also look at the overall style of home decoration. For example, white skirting is suitable for a variety of styles, such as modern style, Nordic style, American style, and so on. 


Although the skirting is a small part of the decoration material, it should not be underestimated!



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