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S-101# / Classic Wood Series / Lifeproof SPC Flooring

  • Design Series:    Classic Wood Series S-101#
  • Surface Texture:    Wood Embossed, BP Embosse
  • Installation Method :    Click System 

Recommend Size (mm) (Length x Width):
Total Thickness (mm):
Wear Layer (mm):

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Products Overview

Lifeproof SPC Rigid Flooring is new generation products in vinyl floor family, The premium core material is SPC(Stone Plastic cComposite) which is a very stable composite material. It's  constructed by UV film topcoat , wear layer , decor film , rigid core and bottom layer.  The SPC flooring brings you better durability and water-resistance performance,easier for installation and maintenance. Know as the rigid flooring ,Lifeproof SPC flooring performs better in the dimension stability and ECO friendly. It’s total 100% waterproof, fire-proof,and anti-slip, Also SPC rigid flooring can be attached with EVA or IXPE pad for acoustic absorption and improve the good feet feeling With various design of decor films, SPC flooring is widely applied to residential and commercial area.   


  • Lifeproof Flooring

  • Extreme Stability

  • Fire Protection

  • Super Water Resistant

  • Slip Resistant

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Easy for Installation(click)

  • Formaldehyde Free


Overall   ThickEN ISO 24236±0.15mm
Wearlayer   ThickEN ISO 24340±0.05mm
Dimensiontal   Stability after exposure to heatEN ISO 24342X Direction: 0.05%  Y Direction: 0.015%
Curling   after exposure to heatEN 434<0.2mm
Peeling   Strength EN 431>90N(50mm)
Locking   Strength EN ISO 24334>120N(50mm)
Residual   IndentationEN ISO 24343-1<0.1mm
Castor   ChairISO 4918After 25000 cycles, no visible   damage
Slip   ResistanceEN 13893Class DS
Fire   ResistanceEN 13501-1Bfl-S1
Abrasion   ResistanceEN 660Group T
Stain   & Chemical ResistanceEN ISO 26987Class 0
Cigarette   Burn TestEN ISO 1399Class 4
Color   FastnessISO 105-B02≥Grade 6
Formaldehyde   EmissionEN 717-30



  • Q What types of vinyl flooring does Sensse provide?

    A We offer a wide variety of vinyl flooring options, which include LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), SPC (Stone Plastic Composites), WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) and so on. Contact us, our flooring experts will show you all the options and help you pick the best vinyl flooring for your needs and budget.
  • Q Is PVC vinyl flooring Pet-friendly?

    A For Pet owners who are worried about spills or scratching new floors with their nails, Vinyl Floor Tiles is a good choice. The vinyl material is 100% waterproof and no toxic content, It has a scratch-resistant top layer. For bigger poppy and higher traffic, it is best to choose a vinyl floor with a thicker wear layer.
  • Q Does the vinyl floor look cheap?

    Vinyl flooring will never look “cheap”, it will make your life easier and enhance the look and comfort of your place. Learn more about our products on the website to view the wood-look color options available, and to know more about what makes vinyl flooring so popular, such as its incredible durability, water-resistance, easy-care, and so on.
  • Q Is vinyl flooring a good choice?

    A Vinyl is highly resistant to water and humidity, so it's a perfect choice for any area where constant contact with water or high humidity. Overall, it's a durable and stable choice for lots of places.
  • Q Is Loose Lay flooring water proof and fire proof

    A Yes, Loose lay flooring is a special structure of LVT flooring , it is 100% water proofand fire proof, The raw material of LVT flooring is combined with  PVC resin and inorganic stone powder, they are all water proof and fire proof material.
  • Q Can Loose lay flooring be installed on existing ceramic tiles

    A If the existing ceramic tiles glossy surface and the sub-ground is quite flat, you can install loose lay flooring directely.
    If the existing tiles is embossment or slate surface texture, you have to remove it and repare the sub-ground self-leveling treatment.
  • Q Does underlayment need for loose lay floor

    A No, Underlayment is not required for loose lay floor installation.
  • Q Does Glue need for loose lay installation

    A No, Glue is not neccesary for loose lay installation, Loose lay vinyl flooring has special bottom layer which is very soft and easy to close fit the sub-ground. But we suggest you can use some glue at the door place to secure the stability of the loose pay flooring where is very traffic close the door.
  • Q Is loose lay vinyl flooring good?

    Yes, of course loose lay vinyl flooring is a good chioce, it has high durability. In addition to being moisture resistant, the loose vinyl option is also known for its durability. As long as you take care of them appropriately, they will persist for many years without trouble.
  • Q What is Loose Lay vinyl floor?

    Loose vinyl flooring is a unique product that can be fixed in place without relying on any fasteners, adhesives. These thick vinyl rectangles can simply be intalled on the floor, and remain on the floor after installation. 

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