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Wooden Textured Series LVT
Wooden Textured Series LVT

Wooden Textured Series LVT

Product Detail

The surface of the vinyl floor has special skid resistance. Because of the skid resistance, some public places such as airports, hospitals and kindergarten regard it as preferred ground decorates material. Wooden texture series LTV floor is hot selling in our company. As such Cheap vinyl floor, we can ensure its high quality.


Thickness: 4mm,5mm

Wear layer: 0.2mm ~ 0.7mm

Size: 6"x36" / 6"x48" / 7"x48" / 9"x48" / 9"x60"

Surface: Textured Embossment




Technical Data:

ClassificationTest Method Result
European Norms EN 68523/31
FlammabilityBS EN 13501Class Bn-s1
Initial Type Test of Fire Behavior EN ISO 9239-1Bfl-s1
Sound Insulation
EN ISO 717-25db
Performance Test Method Result
Abrasion ResistanceEN 660-1T
Slip ResistanceEN 13893Class DS
Color FastnessEN 20105/B02≥ 6
Residual Indentation After Static Load EN 436Pass
Dimension Stability And CurlingEN 434Pass
Flexibility EN 435Pass
Coefficient Of FrictionEN 13893Pass
Resilience To Chemicals EN 423Class 0
Formaldehyde Emission EN 717-1Class E1
Fungus Test ASTM G21Class 0




Hotels, Conference Rooms, Corridors, Department Stores, Lobbies, Multi-purpose Halls...

Recommended Colors:


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